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Let the destruction begin!

We bought a 1973 fixer-upper townhouse a couple months ago, and just this weekend got to the first bit of demolition. Yesterday J and I tore out the sinks, cabinetry, and carpet from our upstairs master bathroom. Yes, carpet. No, I don't know why it was there.

Poor little sinks, don't know what they're in for.

First out was the carpet, padding, and rotted out tack strips. We knew that the floor slopes slightly next to the windows. This is not surprising for several reasons. The house is 35 years old, built on clay, and the upper floor hangs out above the ground floor by two feet next to these same windows. What we did not expect to find was leveling cement over two inches thick.

So the building sags in this one spot and you add extra weight? Hanging out over nothing? Well we knew this place had been owned by morons. I got the rest of the cement chipped out, and noticed something funny.

Do you see it? Look closer at the baseboard. Yes, that baseboard has been carefully cut to match the wildly sloping floor. The place was apparently also built by morons.

Next we start removing the back and side splashes from around the sinks.

Apparently the place isn't square either. the mirror and cabinetry had been carefully shimmed so they would sit where they were supposed to if there was a wall behind them. Nevermind that the wall was actually two inches away. Points to whoever the finish carpenter was, because the framing guys well and truly screwed this up.

Why were we doing all this?

Mold, probably coming from the inside of the walls from a persistent roof leak.

Next up, try to get the mirror off in one piece, and start tearing out drywall. Ick. See my flickr acct for more pics of the rest of the place.
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