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I'm going to have to keep this short. I'm all swollen up, and I have a couple of pinched nerves due to my over-exertion this weekend. Back is spasiming, fingers on both hands AND back of knees are swollen and numb (its bothersome to type, sit or stand.) When you live in pitts, you need to be a "stairmaster." My two herniated disks and bad knees are screaming at me in swahili for all of the up and down, to the dumpster and back --and shoveling sheet rock I did this weekend. (Yes, I was shoveling sheet this weekend!)

The house is starting to look AMAZING! (Well, the LACK of house is starting to look amazing anyway.) The back sunroom is demolished, The PILES of TRASH larger than the pookah are COMPLETELY GONE, all SIX rooms in the basement are completely cleaned out and swept, /xcept for a single large pile of crushed and demolished sheetrock which was over 6 feet high, but is now about 1/2 the size. We're sorting through that pile, throwing all actual garbage away, and we'll be using the sheet rock to fill in a sink hole on the side of the property and make the ground all gentle slope like. We took down completely TWO MORE WALLS on the upper floor, and gutted four more walls total. We found a room that will need a supporting wall up in the basement ASAP, because the main floor beams for the floor above it, are resting on NOTHING. Quick visual here--
Instead of this: l-------l
we have this: l----- l
So we'll need to do this: l----l-l
(So that's why the floor shakes a bit when we walk on it... huh!)

The dumpster is COMPLETELY full, and we got our $300 worth out of it. We bought a new toilet, so we can start one of the most important projects (a working crapper) and we're going to do one room at a time, completely gut from the inside first floor down to the basement, replace all rotting wood, and completely rebuild. If we do this, the house will last 80+ years. If we don't, the house will fall down in under five. Anyway, this is a blessing as well as a curse. This means that I can look at our blueprint plans, and decide whether we want to keep the existing plans within the current framework of the existing house, or build something completely different.

FUN! Horray, Yay and JOY!

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