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Hi all - new here and currently obsessed with my little garage apartment.

I've lived on the same property for about 5 years. I started out in a rennovated basement of the main house, then moved into the house when my landlord was married and lived somewhere else - then he moved back so I moved into a really NASTY garage apartment as the basement was pretty small (but very unique and cozy). My landlord LOVES me (as a tenant) and has allowed me to do as I will with "The Cottage" as I have come to call it. I'm thinking of naming it like they name estates and cottages in England. I'm thinking, "Boxwood" (since it is made of wood and looks like a box) or something... *shrug*

I've replaced walls and carpet. I've fixed the shower/tub, painted, replaced a window, patched numerous holes, etc etc... the only thing I have NOT done that needs to be done is patch the ceiling in the bathroom.

The changes took about 2 months for me to make before moving in and I have spent perhaps $1500 total (taken off rent as the expenses occur). Not too shabby from what it once was.

It would not have been so bad had the former tenants kept the place CLEAN. That is where I spent most of my energy was cleaning and patching wall holes (where numerous dartboards lined them... seriously).

Anyway - - -

I've scanned in "newer" photos of my little cottage. The photo quality SUCKS - but what do you expect with a $5 camera and WAY old film?

Anyway..... you will have to "open link in new window" on these if you are interested in viewing.

The Cottage started out like this

Then I fixed it up

Then I added my things when I moved in... =)

Things have already changed around. The bed area is MUCH better as I have added a shelf under the framed prints (and moved those puppies closer together and centered better) and the new window where the old AC unit used to be...

I'm only posting these things because only about 4 friends have actually been to my place and only TWO of those people REALLY know what kind of work I have put into it.

The Cottage is a work in progress. I REALLY like my living room - the red couch being the best purchase I have made.
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