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redefenestration, rerefenestration

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today saw the removal of the old new window (redefenestration) and installation of the new old window (rerefenestration).  here's how the façade looked when I came home: 

(click through these thumbnails for higher resolution images)

  • the window assembly is in place and that old glass is perfect for the setting.  looks like it had been there all along. 
  • a few details aren't quite complete.  most noticeable is the lower sill piece, which will be fabricated and installed tomorrow.  also the curvilinear decorative element above the pediment still needs to happen. 
  • comparing the frame trim against the paint shadow one can see that this is close though not a fanatically precise match for dimension and proportion.  I have no problem with that. 
  • the glazing compound will need to set and dry for another week or so before the frame can be painted and the glass can be cleaned.  that's perfectly fine, there are plenty of other things to be done in the meantime. 
  • with the interior wall opened up to accommodate the new old window an excellent opportunity was provided to find out what's behind the wallboard up there.  it turned out to be: nothing.  just some framing and insulation.  I had been holding off on some decisions about the interior until this was known, in case there had been some old woodwork, or evidence of actual or incipient structural failure. 

here's the full frontal view: 

full frontal view

this is really coming along quite nicely. 

p.s.  today's public service heat wave antidote snowy iconpic shows the row of cottages across from McCathran Hall at 305, 303 and 301 1st Avenue.  the W façade is intended to reasonably match the surviving upper front window detail on the L and middle cottages as well as the 1905 archive photo that has served as a design document for this project. 
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